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Universal Quick Release Plate Direct Fit for Amazon Basics 60-Inch Tripod, iShot LWT-60, Velbon CX, Df, Sony Vct, Qb-4w

Brand: iShot Pro
Product Code: QRRP-8846
In Stock
Price: $9.99USD
1 reviews  
1 reviews | Write a customer review | Rating: 5/5 | Based on 1 review

Product Description


These get lost and damaged all the time (lets face it), whether it gets left on a camera, a camcorder or some music gear.

The fact is you no longer have it, or it just got miss-placed and now you cant use your tripod. The end is here!

Get this replacement two pack of QR plates for your tripod today and rest assured you'll have peace of mind

knowing you wont have to search high and low and waste a ton of time for such a simple fix to a common problem.


Trust iShot Products to delivery the highest quality products at the lowest competitive prices!

Our customers asked us to sell just the replacement QR plates. So here it is!

Enjoy more years of use out of your tripod! All you need is this replacement QR plate (2-pack)



Technical Details

  • A quick release plate can be kept attached to the camera's base and allows the user to quickly and easily attach

    or remove the camera from the tripod without having to waste time fumbling with the threaded mount 1/4 inch tripod socket

  • QRRP-8846: Top Size: 2.5 x 2 inches

  • QRRP-8846: Bottom Size: 1-3/4 x 1-3/4 inches
  • Spare (2-pack) Quick Release Plate suitable for a ton of camera tripod brands including: Amazon Basics 60-Inch Camera Tripod (DOES NOT FIT the 50-Inch version), iShot Pro LWT-60, Velbon CX-444, CX-888, CX-460, CX-460mini, CX-470, CX-544, CX-570, CX-509, CX-688, CX-690, VIDEOMATE 404, VIDEOMATE 504, 7000, 9000, DF-50, Maxi 347GB with Pan Head (PH-259) & (PH-349), SONY VCT-D580RM, VCT-D680RM, VCT-D640RM, VCT-D670RM, VCT-50AV, VCT-60AV, VCT-80AV, VCT-R640, Takama 61" Tripod Davis & Sanford EXPLORERV Vista Explorer, Zomei Q111 Tripod, Opteka OPT7000 74-inch Tripod, Targus TGT-58TR TG-6660 Tripod Heads 


Universal Quick Release Plate Direct Fit for Amazon Basics 60-Inch Tripod, iShot LWT-60, Velbon CX, Df, Sony Vct, Qb-4w | 1 reviews
I don't know why these QR plates are available but sure glad they are! I needed them to work with 15-20 yr old Velbon S-4000 tripod and they fit the tripod head's QR mechanism perfectly. I have no idea of their durability but they look and feel no different than the cracked ones I needed to replace. I will hope these are still around next time I need then.

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