iShot GP5500C-XT iPhone Smartphone C-Clamp Tripod Mic Wheelchair Mount and Stand Holder Bracket + 11 inch 360° Articulating Center Lock Arm

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Product Description

The GP5500C-XT is a multipurpose 3-in-one mounting solution for your iPhone or best selling Smartphone with or without a case. This happend to be an accidental experiment; gone right! So we deceided to add it to our GP5500 Smartphone Mount product line. You'll enjoy this rock solid mounting solution everywhere. This one is sure to aleviate the strain of holding your phone all the time! We find ourselves usuing it a ton and we feel like you would too!


What it does....

1. It securely clamps onto anything round or square, that is no smaller/bigger than 0.5-1.5 inches such as Pipes, Poles, Bars, Desks, Tables, Counter Tops, Head Boards, Wheel Chairs, Gurneys, Excercise Machines and more.

2. Provides an 11 inch reach with 360° Articulating Center Lock Arm for Poisitiong how and where you want it to stay.  

3. Also can mount onto any camera tripod for use with video and photo with your smartphone.

(added bonus) 4. SLR camera hot/col shoe mountable universal iphone smartphone holder with 11 inch 360° articulating arm for mounting small devices above your lens, camera body or hot shoe rail.

The spring-loaded GP5500 can hold any device up to 3.4” wide. Non-skid pads on each interior side of the clip protect your smartphone or device while holding it firmly in place.

Simple to setup and install, the GP5500C-XT quickly positions directly onto and roudn or square object as well as into any hot shoe or on an extension rail when multiple devices need to be secured. It will also attach directly to any standard tripod or camera accessory via female 1/4" thread hole.


Technical Details

  • Compatible with Any iPhone Model and All Other Phones with or without a Case
  • Attaches to ANY standard 1/4-20 Tripod Head - Landscape & Portrait Orientations
  • Super Adjustable Clamp Design that will not hurt your device
  • Anti-Shock Soft Rubber Cushioned Reinforced Backing
  • Simply Twist Together
  • Fully Adjustable to suit your needs

Suggested Uses

 Desks, Tables, Counter Tops, Head Boards, Wheel Chairs, Gurneys, Exercise Machines, Facetime, Video, Photo, Skype Meetings, Watching Movies, Surfing Web, in Airplanes, Youtube Videos and more.

• Capturing and keeping the attention of children, pets, and other subjects. Once installed, play a favorite app, movie, or audio track on the smartphone.

• Record a value-added video from the camera’s POV of a wedding, event, or photo shoot simultaneously
• Ideal teleprompter display for SLR video shooting
• Create a monitor for the photographer or subject to see images as they are shot

What does my Package include?

• (1) Rock Solid or 11” (28cm) Metal Articulating Arm + Tripod / SLR Camera Adapter
• (1) Specially Engineered Metal C-Clamp Mount
• (1) GP5500 Universal iPhone Smartphone Holder

*Listing is for the GP5500C-XT System only. Camera, phones and all other items pictured sold separately.*


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