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G11 Pro™ iPad Universal Tablet Mount

iShot G11 Pro iPad Universal Tablet Tripod Mount - iPad Universal Tablet Tripod Mount Adapter Holder Bracket Attachment - iPad Tripod Mount

The iShot G11 Pro iPad Universal Tablet Tripod Mount was released to consumers in 2020, since then it has been our #1 selling mount for iPads and Tablets.

It works without or with ANY Case up to 0.5 inches thick, is manufactured with rigid rubberized poly-carbonate plastic parts and just the one mount will work with a slew of iPad and Tablet sizes and thicknesses.

This alone makes the design and functionality of the G10 Pro mount very innovative and offers users a long lasting product that they can rely on for years.

Invest in a mount that offers longevity and security for your valuable devices. Safely and securely mount your iPad or Tablet in the G11 Pro holder.

Standard 1/4-20 threads on the bottom and on the back-side of the mount will allow you to mount it to any standard camera tripod without any additional accessories, to a mic or music stand (with a 1/4-5/8 reducer bushing and ball head accessory), to any of our accessories, or to any other photography equipment you alreay own and use. Portrait and Landscape Orientations can be acheived without the risk of the deice falling out. 


We sell the G11 Pro mount in one size at this time: fits 7-13 inch tablets.

We also sell the G11 Pro mount paired with our popular selling accessories, we call them bundle kits.

You can view the full list of our Mounts By Device here, of our Bundle Kits By Device here, and of our Accessories here

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        Works with or without a case - Adjustable to suit your needs.

        IN STOCK

        • Universal Fit for Many Tablets from 7"-13", Without or With a Case up to 0.625 inches thick 
        • ●►Please Note◄● Recommended to measure your device (with or without a case) and make sure it is not less than 6.375" or more than 9".
        • Landscape or Portrait Orientations can be achieved. 
        • Very Very Secure Grip: Once tightened down the lock screw on the top of the mount, your tablet is not going anywhere! Or ever falling out of this mount when in use and also secure in any orientation you use. 
        • Thread Size: 1/4-20 Standard Brass Thread Fit For Any Camera Tripod You Already Use
        • Rubber Padding Protects Your Device From Scratches
        • Great for Sports, Coaches, Teachers, Musicians, Realtors, Golfers, Businesses, Home, Office, YouTube Videos, Reviews and more! 
        • Low-Profile for on-the-go, fits pretty much anywhere! 
        • The possibilities are truly endless with the iShot G11 Pro! While this fits any standard camera tripod, you can also connect this same mount to any of our 12 accessories! (sold separately)


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