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iShot Products, Inc. offers a wide selection of high quality and intuitive mounts for iPads, iPhones, Other Smartphones, Other Tablets and GoPro users can move your device from landscape to portrait with minimal efforts. 

Pan in any direction on your tripod like a pro without shaky video. iShot Pro® Mounts are the most safest rock solid tripod mounting accessory that money can buy - and are built to last!



(click on a device below to view compatible mounts)

iPhone / iPod

iPad Pro 12.9

iPad Pro 11

iPad Pro 10.5


iPad Pro 9.7


iPad Air 2


iPad Air 1


iPad mini


iPad 123456


Other Tablet



Other Smartphone


Action Camera


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Lifetime Warranty

When you purchase any product from iShot Products, Inc. you are entitled
to a limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship.