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iShot GP5500C iPhone Universal Smartphone C-Clamp Mic Music Stand Mount + Tripod Mount Adapter

Brand: iShot Pro
Product Code: GP5500C
In Stock
Price: $34.95USD
1 reviews  
1 reviews | Write a customer review | Rating: 5/5 | Based on 1 review

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Product Description

We see a lot of uses for this item now and in the future. One product that fits multiple devices with or without a case that will have you mounting in so many different places and on so many different objects for years to come. Not only does this clamp mount but it sits as a stand for viewing as well. You can un twist the cell phone holder from the clamp mount and then mount it on top of ANY Standard 1/4-20 Camera Tripod you already use. Infinte Uses!
A simple and very secure mount that enables you to clamp your device to many different objects and swivel in any direction you desire. Great for tripods, Mic Stands, Music Stands, Counter Tops, Cabinets, Shelves, Boats, Golf Carts, Guitars, Drums, and many many more!
Technical Details
  • Secure your device to any Tripod, Mic Stand, Music Stand, Counter Top, Cabinet, Golf Cart and More!
  • Works with multiple phones with or without a case (Even thick otterbox cases)
  • 360° Degree Ball Head Movement in any postion you desire
  • Clamp opens up to about 3.2 inches

What's all included?

(1) Smartphone mount holder

(1) Swivel Ball Head

(1) Clamp Mount

iShot GP5500C iPhone Universal Smartphone C-Clamp Mic Music Stand Mount + Tripod Mount Adapter | 1 reviews
Stop looking for phone mounts for your cart! Tried six or so different types. All were too fragile, broke after a few rounds, or just not solid enough to stay on when the cart goes over bumps. This one is rock solid. I waited until I had played a dozen rounds to review; here it is. The maker does not specify one for my Samsung S7 Edge, but the vendor (very responsive to my email) said the Apple 7 mount would work, and it does. Once attached, nothing moves. I wish the base (the part that tightens) were metal, just seems that it would last longer than plastic that might crack eventually, but the plastic is very beefy so no problem. It is adjustable in every direction. I have used it on riding carts, and on my push cart as well.

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