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About iPad Tripod Mounts

iPad Tripod Mounts

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iPad has always offered a uniquely simple yet immersive experience. And now with its expansive 12.9-inch Retina display, nearly double the CPU performance of iPad Air 2, triple of iPad mini and refined Multi‑Touch technology, iPad Pro adds another dimension to that experience. It’s not just larger. It’s an iPad that lets you be more creative and more productive — at a whole new scale.


Now add a your iPad to a Tripod or Mic Stand and boost your productivity at your fingertips. Using our innovative mounting solutions relievies the strain of two-hand holding and also makes viewing and using your iPad more comfortable. Every iPad generation has a beautifal camera for stunning photos and HD video capabilities built right in. So shooting and photos much more clearer and recoding less shaky videos should be your primary goal to get the best shots. 


iShot Products manufactures several different models to choose from. We sell each model stand-alone or bundled with pre-made setups that you can just pop your ipad right into end enjoy how you want to an where you want to. We also sell many different accessories to go along with your mounting experience. 



You're probably asking yourself, which model do I need or which model should I go with?

We always like to ask first, do you use a case? If so, we manufacture certain models that work with or without your case. (G7 Pro, G10 Pro)

If not using a case, you should choose from some of our custom models built especially for your exact iPad generation without a case. (G8 Pro, G9 Pro)


What's the difference between the models?

We make the best mounting solutions available to consumers, period; and we did that on purpose because our goal is to protect your investment from damages when mounted anywhere but in your hands. Some of our models are made from all metal components and some of our models are made from hard ABS plastic components. This give us room to wiggle with the competitive prices. You should not ever worry about using metal or plastic products with our product lines. It's more of a user preference. We design, engineer and manufacture our products around protecting your investment. The only difference is the material the product is made of and whether or not it works with or without a case. All models feature the industry standard thread size which is ¼-20. 



Now ask yourself what can I really do with my new iShot Pro® Mount? Well the answer is ...Lots!!! Lawyers, Skype, Weddings, Coaches, Teachers, Musicians, Golf, Real Estate, Business, Home, Stop Animation Films, Short-Film Producers, VIP Guest List Management -Free-Lance Professional Photographers -Golf Swing Professionals -Family Group Pictures on tripod on Holidays on Birthdays....etc Stunning HD Still Photos on tripod Grand Canyon Bahamas Flickr Video Fun with friends Live HD Video on tripod Weddings Communions Fishing Easy Upstream to YouTube Live Video Blogging Attach a Suction Cup Accessory & Transfer to your Vehicle Ipod to your Car Stereo GPS Navigation....etc Attach to your rear window for your kids to watch a movie While on vacation trips Or sitting in traffic...etc Attach it to your desk and watch your movies, sports, Use it as a kick-Stand on your desk or bed for face-time and skype conference call. Attach a mic stand adapter and read music, Attach a camera hot shoe adapter and use your iPad as a telepromtper. The possibilities are truly endless! 



iShot Pro® Models



G7 Pro®

G7 Pro iPad Tripod Mount


G8 Pro®

G8 Pro iPad Tripod Mount


G9 Pro®

G9 Pro iPad Tripod Mount


G10 Pro®

G10 Pro iPad Tripod Mount

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When you purchase any product from iShot Products, Inc. you are entitled to a limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship.