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iShot Pro TigerPod Large SLR Zoom Super Strong Flexible and Portable Tripod Stand for SLR Mirrorless P&S Camera

Brand: iShot Pro
Product Code: GPT-8846
In Stock
Price: $29.99USD
1 reviews  
1 reviews | Write a customer review | Rating: 5/5 | Based on 1 review

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Product Description


The iShot Pro TigerPod Flexible Trpod Stand makes shooting movies and film with your devices more fun than ever. Designed with the serious photographer in mind, the TigerPod lets you mount your GoPro, SLR camera, mirrorless camera, P&S camera, video camera, ipad, smartphone mount, camcorder, spotting scope and more; just about anywhere you want so that you can increase your creative options. All you need to do is use the universal 1/4-20 screw on the tripod head to attach your device to the standard tripod mount, then wrap the three super strong flexible segmented legs securely to a nearby tree branch, fence, park bench, excersize machine or anything else that's convenient. Say goodbye to looking for ways to stabilize your handheld shots or to get that unique perspective--now you can be free to shoot however you like!


Durable and innovative, the TigerPod weighs just 9.8 ounces, and can support full size cameras--such as DSLRs with zoom lenses and video cameras--weighing up to 7 lbs. Measuring 9.5 inches in length, the TigerPod fits easily into a gear bag, backpack, or even a roomy jacket pocket.


Technical Details

  • Flexible tripod designed for digital SLR, Mirrorless, P&S camera, iPads,Tablets, Smartphones,

GoPro Action Cameras, Camcorders and more - Max Load Weight:  7 lbs!

  • Fits into your gear bag, backpack, or roomy jacket pocket
  • Innovative segmented leg design to ensure secure mounting
  • Standard universal 1/4-20 screw for attaching your camera to the tripod mount; 1/4-to-3/8-inch adapter included
  • Expands creative options and lets everyone get into self-timer shots, action sports and more
iShot Pro TigerPod Large SLR Zoom Super Strong Flexible and Portable Tripod Stand for SLR Mirrorless P&S Camera | 1 reviews
Perfect! Just perfect! better than any Joby product i've ever used. I really like how you can adjust the tension of the arms. This makes for supporting more weight than than any gorilla pod out there. Nice job ishot, glad to see another company producing good products.

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