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G7 Pro Universal Tablet Tripod Monopod Mic Music Stand Mount Adapter Holder Fits 5-11 inch Tablets

Brand: iShot Pro
Product Code: G7PROTM-U
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Product Description


Simply insert your device, lock it in with the knobs on the rear and screw onto your tripod. Done! Move your device from landscape to portrait with minimal efforts. Pan in any direction on your tripod like a pro without shaky video. Our customers asked for us to create a lightweight aluminum metal frame, solid, very secure, long lasting, easy to use tripod mount for their tablets and we did!

iShot Pro Mounts are the most rock solid tripod mount that money can buy. On top of that; we decided to add a slick corner-to-corner design that makes it impossible for your tablet to fall out during use once tightened down. iShot G7 Pro® sports a zinc plated thread for longevity. Super lightweight and discreet, weighing in at less than 6 ounces fits easily in your backpack, purse, carry case etc. It can be used with or without a case and is compatible with a wide variety of tablets and cases. Even thick otterbox cases! 


Technical Details


  • SONY MICROSFT GOOGLE GALAXY ASUS - Compatible with Tablets 7- 11 inches 
  • Attaches to ANY standard 1/4-20 Tripod Head, Ball Head, Monopod or Stand
  • Landscape & Portrait Orientations
  • All Ports, Front and Rear Cameras not Obstructed
  • No assembly Required - Mount your Tablet on a tripod right out of the box!
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