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G9 Pro iPad Pro 12.9 Wall VESA Style HD Swing Arm Kiosk Mount with Security Key Locking

Brand: iShot Pro
Product Code: G9VM-PRO129
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Price: $159.95USD
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* *** Select Preferred Color ***:

NEW ITEM! Custom Fit for iPad Pro 12.9 inch


You can still order and checkout as normal, just delivery will take slightly longer. 

or contact us if you need further assistance or have questions.


These mounts can be fully customized to suit your needs.

1. Audio port - open or closed

2. Charge port - open or closed

3. Home button - open or closed

4. Power on/off - open or closed

5. Volume up/down - open or closed

6. Camera front/rear - open or closed

7. Key Lock - all the same keys only

8. Color - Classic Silver or Bold Black

We are only accepting full custom orders for larger size orders. QTY: 25-50-100


These come stock with the following attribtues:

1. Home Button - Open

2. Charge Port - Open

3. Key Lock - all the same keys only

4. Color - Classic Silver or Bold Black (please choose)


Technical Details

  • Maximum extended Reach - 18 inches or 46cm (from wall to iPad face)
  • First Arm Section - 7.874 inches or 20cm
  • Second Arm Section - 6.299 inches or 16cm



Keep the feedback coming! 

@ Adrain C.  - Thank you! We have adjusted the audio port opening, widened and lowered, to allow for larger inputs now on custom orders. Very much appreciate your feedback!

G9 Pro iPad Pro 12.9 Wall VESA Style HD Swing Arm Kiosk Mount with Security Key Locking | 1 reviews
Very good product. These iPad 12.9" mounts are very sturdy, slim profile, and functional. The only problem with the mounts for my particular application is that the audio port access is not quite aligned properly to allow for large audio inputs. You'll need a very slim 3.5mm headphone jack if you want access to audio via headphones or speakers. If the port was widened and lowered a bit it would accommodate larger headphone jack housings, which are very common with normal studio type headphones. Otherwise, this is a great mount and I'd highly recommend!

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