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G9 Pro iPad Pro 12.9 Tripod Floor Stand Display Kiosk Mount with Security Key Lock / Charge Cable

Brand: iShot Pro
Product Code: G9FS-PRO129
In Stock
Price: $200.00USD

Available Options

* *** Select Preferred Color ***:

NEW ITEM! Custom fit for iPad Pro 12.9 inch
You can still order and checkout as normal, just delivery will take slightly longer. 
or contact us if you need immediate assistance or have questions.
These mounts can be fully customized to suit your needs or just
purchased with stock attributes.
Customizations that can be made:
1. Audio port - open or closed
2. Charge port - open or closed
3. Home button - open or closed
4. Power on/off - open or closed
5. Volume up/down - open or closed
6. Camera front/rear - open or closed
7. Key Lock - all the same keys only
8. Color - Classic Silver or Bold Black
Please Note: we are only accepting full custom orders for larger size orders. QTY: 50-100
These come stock with the following attribtues:
1. Home Button - Open
2. Charge Port - Open
3. Key Lock - all the same keys only. Multiple floor stands use the same keys. 
4. Color - Classic Silver or Bold Black (please choose)
5. Pre-installed Charge Cable
Technical Details
  • Portrait or Landscape - 360° rotation to any orientation you desire
  • Tilt: Up & Down +/- 30° 
  • Height: 47.5 inches Tall, 1.2 Meters Tall, 119.38 CM, 
  • Material: Non-Porous Medical Grade Strong & Durable Aluminum Alloy
  • Base Weight: +/- 11 lbs
  • Keys included: (2) Keys Per Floor Stand
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When you purchase any product from iShot Products, Inc. you are entitled to a limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship.