iShot GP5500SC 2in1 iPhone Smartphone Tripod Mount Adapter Holder + 360° Powerful Suction Cup Mount

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Product Description

Our proven and time tested universal cell phone tripod mount allows you full control over your cell phone. It provides the peace of mind that your expensive device is safe and secure in a durable, lightweight ABS frame that is built to last. Simply twists onto any standard camera tripod you already own. Take it everywhere and attach it to any tripod providing you a stable platform to view, watch and record.  

Simply insert your device into the powerful spring loaded holder, fine tune your final postion. Done! Move your device from landscape to portrait with minimal efforts via simple twist of the ball head locking lever. Configure the flexible pod stand to any orientation you desire. While great for coaches, offices, desks, bedtime, reading, driving, flying, boating, providing perfect and stable hands free viewing, create selfies, enjoy facetime, record yourself and others free from blurs, watch and record sports; It will also mount to any standard camera tripod you already use, so no additional accessories are needed. Our customers asked for us to create a lightweight powerful universal cell phone tripod mount, made solid, very secure, long lasting and easy to use, so we did! It became an instant sucess! We hope you will come to love this great setup as much as we do! It's one of our most popular selling mounts both online and at our retail store. Get yours today! Never a blurred moment!

Our iShot Pro universal tripod mount for cell phones is the most verastile and rock solid cell phone tripod mount that money can buy. Super lightweight and discreet, weighing in at less than 8 ounces fits easily in your backpack, purse, carry case etc. So if you want to travel, it can stow away nicely by un-twisting everything apart. And then when you're ready to use it, all you do is twist it back together. Simple, easy to use and Great for all ages!


Technical Details

  • Compatible with Any iPhone Model and All Other Phones with or without a Case
  • Attaches to ANY standard 1/4-20 Tripod Head - Landscape & Portrait Orientations
  • Front and Rear Cameras not Obstructed - Super Adjustable Clamp Design that will not hurt your device
  • Anti-Shock Soft Rubber Cushioned Reinforced Backing
  • No assembly Required - Simply Twist Together
  • Fully Adjustable to suit your needs


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