iShot GP5500CM iPhone Smartphone SLR Camera Hot/Cold Shoe Mount with 360° mini Ball Head

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Universal SLR Smart Phone Hot / Cold Shoe Flash Mount Adapter and Tripod Holder + Med. Ball Head for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 3 4 S3 S4 s5 Apple iphone 5c 5S 5 4S 4 6 6+ HTC ONE SV DNA Sony Xperia Z ZL Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD Google Nexus 4 5 LG Optimus LTE Nokia Lumia 920 900 822 820


Product Description

Ever want to take a picture with your DSLR Camera but also want to record with your smartphone at the same time? Every thought about being in a picture but want to see the picture before its taking? Here comes iShot Pro Mounts simple solution to both of those questions. Our new Smartphone 1/4-20 adapter + flash Hot Shoe adapter kit is just the solution you need. With the iShot Pro Mounts Smartphone Tripod adapter kit, you can do all that as simply as 1-2-3.

1) Connect the 1/4-20 Hotshoe adapter to your DSLR Camera or Camcorder

2) Connect the 360º smartphone holder

3) Slide your phone into the holder. No Tools needed and you can install everything in less than a minute. 

Technical Details

  • Ball Head with Easy Lock Multi Angle Adjustment & Easy-Adjust Smartphone Holder *Use Both DSLR Camera & record w/phone simultaneously*
  • Brand New, Easy to install Smartphone Video Camera to DSLR Camera Flash Hot Shoe Mount (1/4-20 connection also compatible with Tripod)
  • Universal Hotshoe Adapter Compatible with all DSLR Camera & Universal 1/4"-20 connection compatible with all tripods
  • Compatible with any existing camera with aviliable flash hot shoe slot or Tripod with 1/4-20 thread connections
  • Adjustable Spring Lock Holder compatibe with any smartphone with or without a case


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