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COVID-19: How we are responding

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COVID-19: How we are responding

1. What we are doing for employees
We are operating at full capacity. Our top concern is ensuring the health and safety of our employees. We made new processes to help protect our employees—from enhanced cleaning and social distancing measures to piloting new efforts like using disinfectants in our fulfillment warehouse.

We delivered personal protective gear, such as masks/gloves to our employees, and implemented temperature checks across our operations.

We urge any employee who is not feeling 100% to stay home, go get tested for COVID-19 at a testing center nearby and report back the diagnosis of COVID results via phone. 

Walgreens (a food/drugstore chain) has opened up several drive-thru free testing sites for COVID-19, which can yield very fast positive or negative COVID results while you're there. 

2. What we are doing for customers
We’re focusing on and prioritizing express shipments over standard ground shipments, to make sure you receive your package at the guaranteed delivery date. We realize a lot of people are at home now and that our products are in high demand and you need them asap. We appreciate everyone's tremendous patience who's ordering with standard ground shipping and ordering international overseas; as there may be unforeseen delays in receiving your order. Our handling times increase and/or decrease daily, and the amount of packages carriers are receiving, is unprecedented at this time, so their handling times may increase or decrease as well. So please allow some time for your ground packages to arrive.

We've implemented a single dedicated driver to get packages out and in the carrier hands ASAP.

We’re vigorously combating price gouging to help protect customers, help ensure fair pricing, and combat those seeking to profit off the COVID-19 crisis. We will not be raising our prices or prices to our distributors anytime soon. We urge you to order as many units as you want. We try to keep everything we offer in stock by the thousands. (we try very hard, but it is not guaranteed. quantities change daily)

3. What we are doing for communities in our area
iShot Products Inc Managing Director Chris F. donates a portion of his income/time to ordering and delivering PPE masks to local hospitals, eldery facilities, etc - who are in a deep shortage of PPE, and he also works with other business partners to order more masks and other PPE daily.

Continue checking here for updates about how we’re supporting our employees, helping customers, and aiding community relief.

If you would like to help out in any of our efforts to combat COVID-19 and provide relief funds towards PPE for those in need, like hospitals, eldery facilities, etc. please purchase gift certificates for use on our website. We are dontaing 90% of all proceeds of Gift Certificates purcahsed on our website to relief funds. That means: if you order product and also order a gift certificate or multiple gift certificates, the proceeds of the gift certificates are being donated to our efforts being lead by our Managing Director - Chris F. Your gift recipient would still be able to use the gift certificate whenever they choose. 

Gift Certificates can be found here

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