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iPad Pro 12.9 Tripod Mount

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iPad Pro 12.9 Tripod Mount

Welcome to the new age of large tablet displays, the iPad Pro 12.9 inch tablet by Apple is out now. Get a tripod mount or stand now before they sell out! We've designed and engineered this specifically for the iPad Pro. This can work with or without a case as well as function in multiple orienetations on any 1/4 inch camera tripod or camera mount accessory. 

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The iPad Pro is one of the most beautiful tablets on the market. This new device by Apple is not compact, so you may want to get a stand or mount to use your tablet without having to hold it all the time. These new iPad Pro mounts and stands let you do more with your tablet than ever before!   G7 Pro® iPad Pro Tripod Mount - For iPad Pro 12.9 : a tripod mount for your iPad Pro. This mount for tripods will attach directly to any camera tripod or accessory you already use. Works with or without a case and can function in multiple orientations for golf coaches, teachers, readi...
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