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iPhone Tripod Mount - Top 3 Best Options

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iPhone Tripod Mount - Top 3 Best Options
What are the best options for mounting my iPhone on a camera tripod or onto any other 1/4-20 thread accessories?
We get this question all the time. Customers tell us they've tried all of the other cheap price versions found all over the internet and they're just not happy with the materials used,  not happy about it not fitting their iPhone every time they upgrade or when they change their cases, not secure enough to be used in all environments, not scalable via modular accessories, and the list goes on-and-on. We've heard it all! We're extremely happy that they finally found us. So we wanted to share with you our TOP 3 models.  

Here at (USA), we offer three different models for mounting your iPhone on a camera tripod and also mounting it with other 1/4-20 threaded accessories you already use or purchase from us. As we all know, recording videos or photos using just your hands results in poor video, blurry photos, and content that just doesn't look professional. Stabilizing your phone with a stabilizer or mounting your phone directly onto a tripod or other mounting accessory is imperative for achieving professional-looking content. 
We offer each model as a stand-alone mount, that can adapt to a variety of accessories without the need for adapters, bushings, brackets, etc. Simply, all of our mounts use the same 1/4-20 thread found on all photography equipment and camera tripods. We also offer the mounts paired with popular accessories, we call "bundles".
Listed below are our current models. We can say, since the new release of our 100% All Metal iShot Pro SecureGRIP model, it has been our #1 seller and users find it very suitable for all of their needs. Not that any other model we sell doesn't fit users' needs, because they do, it becomes a price point difference and usage difference. 
Let's start with models listed in chronological order from past to present:

1. iShot Pro GP5500 iPhone Universal Smartphone Tripod Mount Adapter Holder

2. iShot Pro Remora S1 iPhone Universal Smartphone Tripod Mount Adapter Holder

3. New SecureGrip Metal iPhone Universal Smartphone Tripod Monopod Mount Adapter with Bonus Cold Shoe Slot

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