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Schools & Students Gear Up For Online Learning - iShot Pro iPad / Tablet Mount For Tripod

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Schools & Students Gear Up For Online Learning - iShot Pro iPad / Tablet Mount For Tripod
While there isn’t comprehensive data on how many parents are planning on homeschooling, several states, including Texas, Utah, and Washington, have reported sharp upticks in interest, news reports suggest.


Over the last month, calls and emails from parents inquiring about homeschooling have "exploded," said J. Allen Weston, executive director of the National Home School Association. 
Public schools across the country have started to reveal what a return to classrooms may look like amid the pandemic, but many parents have preemptively opted not to return and are planning to home-school instead - a decision experts say is a huge undertaking that parents should be well prepared for and so should school districts. 

FaceBook Live, Zoom, Google Meet and other apps are among the TOP most used mean of video live. Most students and teachers use an iPad or iPhone, Samsung, Microsft Surface or Other Android Device as means to do live video in the classroom and at home. showcases a fleet of high quality, innovative, built-to-last, patented mounting solutions that fit right with homeschooling and remote classroom environments via Zoom, FaceBook Live, Google Meet and more. School districts across the entire US have been raving about iShot Pro Mounts. Our products are becoming very popular and we couldn't be happier to provide our niche products at deep discounts and provide professional customer service delivred by real human beings.

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