SecureGrip All Metal iPhone Universal Smartphone Tripod Mount

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SecureGrip All Metal iPhone Universal Smartphone Tripod Mount
  • So what are the best iPhone & Smartphone tripod mounts?
There is a lot on the market but only a few are really or for that matter any good at all.
  • So why do you need one?
              Well Smartphones are not that great when it comes to 'camera shake'. A fast move left, right, up and down usually results in shaky footage that isn’t nice to watch. This is due to the fact Smartphones are light and other mounts are cheap plastic. The only way to lessen potential shakes is to steady the Smartphone (as much as possible) and this needs some form of Tripod Mount, handheld adapter pole, stabilizing cage or other apparatus; so you can attach it to our tigerpod flexipod, camera tripod, camera stabilizer rig or check all of our accessories to achieve these great results. Yes, smartphones have video and image stabilizing software built-in, however it is still imperative to use another device for mounting and enable you to create that real professional content in your videos and in your photos. 

Most regular cameras have a ¼ inch screw mount on them so you can easily attach them to a tripod. Smartphones do not have such mounts; so to attach them to a tripod you will need a tripod mount. Due to the fact there are many shapes and sizes of Smartphone finding the right adapter can be tricky. And finding a manufacture of one whom you can rely on, can also be a daunting task in this day-and-age. 

When you go shopping for a tripod mount you will find it difficult to find the right one. There is no doubt many are out there to choose from at this point in time. They're either too small to fit around the larger Smartphones or the build quality was absolute terrible and breaks easily due to cheap plastic and poor design. When you do find one you like make sure you check the dimensions of the tripod mount so it will fit comfortably around your Smartphone with or without a case. Also reason in that a Smartphone may have a case on and the thickness of that case so that the tripod mount can fit around all that too.

Look no further! Our new SecureGRIP iPhone Universal Smartphone tripod mount is made of solid aluminum alloy, is incredibly robust and very secure. It is fully adaptable and will fit all models of iPhone and most other smartphones. It has a ¼ inch screw socket at the base (and on the side) so you can mount it on to any standard tripod or other accessory that offers a ¼ inch screw and mount it in multiple orientations with the duel thread options. It also comes with a cold shoe mount on top; so you can add a microphone or a light above your phone if you need too.

The SecureGRIP was exclusively launched on amazon stand-alone and with frequently purchased accessories (link to amazon) in a preemptive attempt to gain customer feedback/reviews about the new product before we fully launched it on our website. This has given us time to smooth over any fine details needed for a successful product launch. 

The SecureGRIP is of-course also sold here on our website with various frequently purchased accessories (link to our website) and more offerings will be available soon.

(Stand-alone iShot Pro SecureGRIP mount)


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