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So what are the best iPhone & Smartphone tripod mounts? There are a lot on the market but only a few are really any good. So why do you need one? Well Smartphones are not that great when it comes to 'camera shake'. A fast move left, right, up and down usually results in shaky footage that isn’t nice to watch. This is due to the fact Smartphones are light. The only way to lessen potential shakes is to steady the Smartphone (as much as possible) and this needs some form of Tripod Mount, handheld, stabilizing cage or other apparatus; so you can attach it to a tigerpod flexipod, camera trip..
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G8 Pro iPad Mount + 8" Tripod Adapter

4 New Products to choose from from our G8 Pro Line of iPad Tripod Mounts -  #GO #2015

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New Product Launch Soon

As our line of products increases, we threw in a complete twist this year! Sure to comfort your lifestyle. watch out for it soon! 

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G9 Pro® iPad Air/Air2 Tripod Mount Metal Case w/ Built-in 1/4-20 Tripod Mount Adapter For iPad Air - For iPad Air2 Product 

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