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COVID-19 UPDATE: A word from our President/CEO

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COVID-19 UPDATE: A word from our President/CEO UPDATE: 6/4/2020Production is fully completed!!! We are now 100% back in stock and shipping orders at full capacity. We cannot wait to supply you with our products again!! Thank you for your patience during these unprecedented times.

Dear all,

As President/CEO here at iShot Products, I felt like it was my obligation to come forward and write a personal blogpost onto our Blog, about the current status of our small business operations.

I write to you today with deep red heart-emoji heartand sad-face emojisad  - that derive from the current global pandemic that is directly related to COVID-19 and the lives that have been lost as a result. Our front-line workers are the real super-heroes in these hard times. Please take some time to thank anyone you know on the front-line. From all of us here at iShot Products, we thank them all over the globe!

I write today to also bring you an update to our current small business, our current activity, and current stock levels as a result of COVID-19. We have been operating at full capacity since the onset of COVID, all the way until today. And will stay the course. 

Our products have become truly #essential and must-have items across all facets of life. From directly into infected COVID patient hospital rooms, to doctors pre-screening potential infected patients in isolated rooms, to Educational establishments supplying teachers and students with "at-home" products to aid in the at-home learning moving forward, to the individuals forced to work-form-home, to real estate agents, to the consumers doing youtube videos at home, to you-name-it; We have supplied an unprecentedent amount of products to all. And as a result, it is with great sadness that three of our essential models of tablet holders have gone 100% out-of-stock. Our G7 Pro, G10 Pro, and G8 Pro are on pre-order sales until approximately June, 25th 2020. We are in the process of doing production runs for all three models, however, that takes time to complete. In the meantime, we are taking pre-orders for these models that are out-of-stock and we will be shipping them once they become available in-stock. We expect to be shipping pre-orders around June, 25th 2020. 

Thank you so very much for your support and for your understanding in these hard times. We're looking forward to doing more business with you in the future. 

Chris F.
President/CEO - iShot Products
tel: 844-474-6848 (Ext. 708)
fax: 844-474-6848


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