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About Us

iShot Pro LLC

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iShot Pro LLC ( an American Owned/Operated Corporation, is based just outside Chicago, IL and was founded in 2008 by a father, a husband, a photographer, a web developer, a musician and an outdoor enthusiast. The business was founded on a single need; a need for a way to mount a smartphone, keep it still, keep it safe from falling to the floor, and so that it can be used to record videos and take pictures.
The idea got started in a small garage, with our founder and a passion to bring this type of product to market. A few parts were ordered, a bunch of tweaks were made to these parts, they were assembled and put to test. Research and Development had begun! The idea was simple at the time; find a way to mount and accessorize smartphones, tablets and all other PDA's in a location that works with you and for you throughout your daily lifestyle.
Back then (2008'ish), there was nothing a consumer could purchase online or at even a brick and mortar store, that would help them mount the new technology that was emerging right in front of our eyes. iShot Products was born!
Designed for on the go, at home, work or play. Since 2008 iShot Pro LLC has been designing and bringing to market new innovative high-quality mounting solutions and accessories exclusively for Apple products (and now, for all brands). The idea took off, the brand made a name for itself and now we supply our universal high quality mounting solutions and accessories all over the world, and in almost every sector; where the need to mount your PDA's in a specific location that enables your device to work with you and for you becomes needed.
Our small business designs, partially manufactures, assembles, brings to market and ships all of our products from right here in the USA. Transform your device into work-horse! Get started today with our innovative mounting solutions and accessories for your Apple Products, Samsung Products, Google Products, Amazon Products and More! Stop fumbling around with home-made DIY solutions, and cheap plastic chinese products that just break, and also poorly designed products that put your expensive PDA at risk of being damaged and start using iShot Pro Mounts right now!!!
We’re big on quality workmanship, tiny details, long-lasting high-quality materials, little nuances and millimeters that transform our products into must-have items of all ages. Each product we manufacture and sell is backed up by top-notch customer service delivered by real human beings, and also backed by our Exclusive Lifetime Limited Warranty and our No-Hassle Return Policy

We want to be your go-to source for mounting solutions & accessories for your tablets and smartphones. And also your go-to source for mounting solutions and accessories for your other devices such as: GoPro, DSLR, P&S, Pocket Projectors, GPS and more.

Have a suggestion on one of our products? We'd love to hear from you. Need a custom project? We'd love to hear from you. Contact us today at 1-844-474-6848 or use our
 contact form.

If you’re an iShot Pro® fan already, thank you for your support and for flying the iShot Pro® flag! If you haven’t tried our products yet, then we invite you to take one for a spin. We’re confident you’ll like what you buy and your friends will be jealous too. :-)


Our Product Mission

We took American Made Machinery, American Employees, American Raw Materials and committed to the world that we would make a difference by manufacturing new innovative products delivered at very competitive prices. iShot Pro LLC offers users proven, patented & trademarked products that help them mount their devices and aids in the discovery - the true capabilities that their device has to offer them. Our high quality, innovative mounting solutions, and accessories empower individuals to take control of their PDA and completely transform your device into a work-horse that works for them and with them throughout their dayil lifestyle.

Achieve the possibilities you've always been looking for with iShot Pro products!

Whether you're a Professional Golf Instructor, Musician, Teacher, Fleet Company, Taxi Driver, Truck Driver, Fork Truck Driver, Warehouse Manager, Restaurant, Gadget Enthusiast, Sports Coach, Student, Teacher, Professor, Technology Guru there's a really good chance you have multiple PDA's in your daily lifestyle. Let iShot Products assist you in your mounting needs. Or you're just looking for New Innovative Mounting Solutions or Complete Bundle Kits for gifts. We have what you're looking for & more at iShot Products, Inc! If we do not, pleas elet us know by dropping us an email reqeust here -> Contact Us


Where to buy our Products?

Please check the "Where to Buy" page for our current list of global authorized re-sellers & distributors.

You can purchase products directly from us here at our online store or

We believe that only we can provide the absolute best customer concentric based company and, the best customer service/warranty for the products we design/manufacture and the users that are using them. We carefully select only the absolute best re-sellers & distributors for our products; to ensure the customer service and warranties are equal to ours. 

(the "where to buy" page mentioned above will be updated accordingly as new distributors are brought on-board)


Company Profile


Press / Media Contact

Phone: 1-844-iSHOT4U

Phone: 1-844-474-6848

Fax: 1-844-474-6848



Will-Call Warehouse Location
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iShot Pro LLC
6813 Hobson Valley Drive
STE# 107

Mailing Address
iShot Pro LLC
UNIT# 323

Phone: 1-844-iSHOT4U (1-844-474-6848)

Fax: 1-844-474-6848


Lifetime Warranty

When you purchase any product from iShot Pro LLC you are entitled
to a limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship.