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Proven and Time Tested High Quality mounts offer users the easiest and most reliable tripod mounting solutions for your iPad Air with or without a Case

Complete iPad Tripod Bundle Kits, Mounts and Flexible Tripod Mounts

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  • G9 Pro® iPad Air Tripod Mount Anti Theft Secure Metal Case w/ Built-in Tripod Mount Adapter for iPad Air 1


    iShot G9 Pro® Metal iPad Air (1) Tripod Mount Case with Built-in Tripod Adapter - (Patent Pending)

    For our G9 Pro® iPad Air 1Tripod Complete Bundle Kit - Click Here

    We're super excited to release the newest member of our product line for 2014 . A new wonderful and beautiful piece of art that we've been working on for quite some time now and it's finally here! 

    You'll be saying "Look what iShot"

    Product Description

    Simply place your iPad into the metal frame and close the hinged cover and lock it with the key. Simple yet versatile and intuitive to the max,  modern in decor and custom fit for your iPad Air (1); This is the Ultimate Case with built-in Tripod Mount adapter.  It boast a black powder coated finish with shiny 33 degree bezels on the inner portion of the case, similar to the shiny corners on ipads and iphones. We carried that same look along into the home button bezel and the front side camera hole bezel. This gives it a very nice touch, that we think you will come to find attractive. 
    We added soft rubber padding to the interior frame for the ultimate protection while the ipad is resting in the case. This prevents any damage or scratches that could ever occur. For security reasons we also added a keyed locking mechanism to prevent your ipad from ever coming out of the case and/or being stolen if you were walk away from it.
    With our G9 Pro you have to unlock the lock with a key to get the ipad in and out everytime. Which is a really nice added comfort level. This case does not block any Speakers, Cameras or Ports. We placed slots for each one. 
    There's a 1/4-20 female threaded hole on the back side that beutifully blends into the rear of the case. This provides you with a rock solid connection between your tripod and the mount. No shaky videos, no blurring photos. Easily mounted onto ANY Standard Tripod, Light Stand, Camera Tripod or basically any tripod accessory that uses 1/4-20 threads. Retrofits all other major brands such as Monfrotto, Silk, Velbon, Razorfish and more so you can use it on all your favorite accessories. 
    Great for so many things like: Musicians, Kids, Sports, Teachers, Coaches, Golfers, Displays, Tradeshows, Kiosks, Business, Home, Realestate Agents, Hobbys, Photography , Movie Makers, YouTube Reviews, Astromnomy, Watching Movies and many more!
    Unique in it's lowprofile lightweight design, quality metal frame, super versatile and providing you the best satisfaction of knowing your expensive ipad is safe and secure; the G9 Pro will become the holy grail of all ipad cases or tripod mounting accessories and change the future of how we use the Apple iPad.  Get yours today and see what all the buzz is about!

    EVO CONVERSION KIT - Included with purchase

    Recommended Accessories

    3in1 Universal Lens Kit for G9 Pro Mount and 8X Fixed Zoom Lens - Twist lock right onto the ipad case.

  • G7 Pro® iPad Tripod Mount with Flexible Gorilla Pod Stand (For iPad 1, 2, 3, 4 Retina & iPad Air 2)

    Great for Teachers, Musicians, Video Chatting, Lawyers, Coaches, Goto Meetings, Skype and More! Secure your iPad in a Tripod Mount Adapter + Swivel Ball Head + Flexible Gorilla Pod Tripod Stand (Patent Pending)


    Technical Details

    • Compatible with Any iPad, and most Tablets from 5" - 10"
    • Set-up & Instruction Manual Included
    • Attaches to ANY standard 1/4-20 Tripod Head - Landscape & Portrait Orientations
    • Front and Rear Cameras not Obstructed - Super Adjustable Clamp Design that will not hurt your device
    • Anti-Shock Soft Rubber Cushioned Reinforced Backing
    • Silicone Reinforced Arms - 100% Sturdy Aluminim Frame w/ Plastic Locking Knobs
    • Works with most Cases, Sleeves and Screen Protectors including Otterbox and Life Proof cases
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  • G8 Pro® iPad Air 1 Tripod Mount Holder x 70" Handheld Monopod Extension Pole Bundle Kit

    G8 Pro® iPad Air 1 Tripod Mount Monopod x 70" Handheld Monopod/Extension Pole Bundle Kit


    • Features our G8 Pro Model iPad Air 1 Tripod Mount - Snap in your iPad & Mount to Monopod
    • All Metal Design Monopod with Swivel Ball Head and Storage Bag
    • 1/4-20 Universal Thread System - Also Compatible with Standard 1/4-20 Camera Tripods
  • iShot Pro® 360° Gooseneck Seat Bed Desk Bolt Clamp Mount and Holder Bracket for Tablets - G7 Pro® Model

    Gooseneck Seat Bed Desk Bolt Clamp Mount Holder Bracket for iPad 2 3 4 5 6 Air Mini Microsoft Surface Pro ASUS Kindle Samsung Galaxy and More 


    • Works With or Without a Case - 24" Long Goose-neck Stows Away Nicely When Traveling
    • Solid All Metal and Adjustable Frame with Protective Rubber Padding
    • Compatible with Many Tablets from 5.5" to 11" Diagonal
    • Setup and Installation Guide Included
    • Our #1 Proven and Time Tested Holder Mount + Heavy Duty Adjustbale Gooseneck Clamp Mount - Great for watching movies, shows, reading emails, mounting on your bed, desk, tablet, counter top, seat-bolt and more.
    $59.95 $69.95
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  • G7 Pro® iPad Tripod Mount Bundle Kit l (For iPad 1, 2, 3, 4 Retina & iPad Air 2)

    Complete Bundle Kit - Bundle Kit includes some of our best and newest items for 2013. It's the perfect addition to your business whether for work or home use! This kit includes everything you need to give your business that professional look and feel your customers demand right out of the box! Great  for Musicians, Realtors, Teachers, Sports, Coaches and More


    • Features our G7 Pro® Tablet Tripod Mount 
    • iShot Pro® Tripod Stand
    • Medium Ball Head
    • Carry Bag
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  • G8 Pro® iPad Air 1 Tripod Mount Adapter Holder ( For iPad Air 1st Gen)

    G8 Pro® iPad Air 1 Tripod Mount Adapter Holder ( For iPad Air 1st Gen)


    • Compatible with iPad Air 1 (1st Gen) Only *Not Compatible with iPad Air 2 (2nd Gen)* 
    • All Ports, Front and Rear Cameras are Free from Obstruction
    • The G8 Pro® V2.0 works with ANY standard 1/4-20 tripod head, ball head or camera mount you already use
    • Form fitting ABS frame with soft, gripping polyurethane surface for a snug fit and protective frame.
    • Snap in your iPad Air and mount to your tripod. It's that easy.
  • G7 Pro® iPad Tripod Mount (For iPad 1, 2, 3, 4 Retina & iPad Air 2)

    iShot G7 Pro® works with or without your case. Allows you full control over your tablet and also provides the peace of mind that your expensive device is safe and secure in a durable, lightweight aluminum metal frame.


    • Compatible with Any iPad, and most Tablets from 5.3/4" - 10.7"
    • Attaches to ANY standard 1/4-20 Tripod Head - Landscape & Portrait Orientations
    • Front and Rear Cameras not Obstructed
    • No assembly Required - Mount your Tablet on a tripod right out of the box!
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  • G8 Pro® iPad Air 1 Tripod Mount Bundle Kit with Tripod Stand, Adapter, Travel Case and Ball Head

    iPad Air 1 Tripod Mount Complete Bundle Kit Say good-bye to two-hand holding! You'll have the full range of motion the ball head offers with the security of knowing your expensive investment will stay put in our snug form fitting frame. 


    • Mount, Tripod Stand, Ball Head and Carry Bag are all included in this Bundle Kit
    • Compatible with Apple iPad Air 1st Gen. Only 
    • Great for Realtors, Musicians, Teachers, Golf Professionals, Reviews, Webinars, Home Use, Office, Studio, Personal Sports and Coaching
    • Snap in your iPad Air, connect evertying via 1/4 20 thread and your're good to go. It's that easy!
    • All Ports, Buttons, Front and Rear cameras are not Obstructed
  • G5 Pro® - Universal Tablet Tripod Mount and Free Suction Mount Stand

    Get the G5 Pro® that gives you more versatility and more options.

    • FREE Suction Window & Desk Mount Included
    • Works with any Case Sleeve 5.3/4"-10"
    • Attaches to ANY standard 1/4-20 tripod - Landscape & Portrait Orientations
    • Front and Rear Cameras not Obstructed
    • Anti-Shock soft rubber cushion reinforced Arms & Backing
    • Made in the U.S. - 100% Recycled Material
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  • iShot Pro® Mounts - iPad Air Camera DSLR Hot / Cold Shoe Flash Connection and Tripod Mount Adapter Kit

    iPad Air Camera DSLR Hot / Cold Shoe Flash Connection and Tripod Mount Adapter Kit


    • This is the same G8 Pro iPad Tripod Mount frame we use now paired with our Medium Ball Head and Camera Hot Shoe Adapter
    • Does Not Block any Ports or Cameras - Compatible with iPad Air (1st Gen.) Only
    • Sturdy Metal Construction on the Hot Shoe Adapter & Ball Head
    • Works Great for Cameras, Photography, Music, Video, Tripod Stands, Coaches, Home and Office Use
    • 360 degree rotation on Ball Head means you can use Landscape to Portrait orientations with ease



  • iPad Air 1 Tripod Mount and Suction Mount Holder - 2in1 Mount for Cars, Trucks, Boats, Air Planes and Tripods

    iShot Pro® iPad Air 1 Tripod Mount and Suction Cup Mount Adapter - 2in1 Mounting Solution (CM150-AIR)


    • Features our G8 Pro iPad Air 1 (1st Gen) Tripod Mount + CM150 Powerful Suction Stand Mount
    • 1/4-20 Stud with Lock-Ring - Heavy Duty Twist Lock Knobs
    • Powerful 3.5 inch Suction Cup keeps the mount stable and secure
    • Multiple viewing angles and mount configurations. 360 Degree Rotation, 360 Degree Turn, 210 Degree Tilt Ball Head
    • Mounts rock solid to any non pourous surface
  • iPad 2 3 4 Air 2 Tripod Mount Adapter Holder - G6 Pro V2 by iShot Pro

    iPad 2 3 4 Air 2 Tripod Mount Adapter Holder - G6 Pro V2 by iShot Pro


    • Works with ANY Case, Sleeve, Otterbox, etc... *New Version 2 G6 Pro Model** - Stronger Better and Still Lightweight Pro Package
    • More metal parts and less plastic
    • For use with ANY 1/4-20 Tripod - 360 Degree Viewing Angles - Suitable for devices from 5.3/4"-10"
    • Front and Rear Cameras NOT Obstructed - Portrait or Landscape Orientations - Simple and Easy to use for all ages


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